Invite a friend, earn up to $30

Share your love of travel! Introduce a friend to Airbnb. They'll get $40 in travel credit when they sign up, and you'll get up to $30 in travel credit once they complete a trip. Only for new Airbnb guests!

How to Use Airbnb Coupon Codes

If you have an Airbnb coupon code you want to use towards a home reservation you can add it on the checkout page. Coupon codes can't be applied to existing reservations or to experiences. Only gift cards can be used to purchase experiences.

$35 Off Your Next Booking for select customers only

For a limited time, get a $35 discount on your room rental when you are targeted by Airbnb. You won't need an Airbnb coupon or promo code to get this discount. You just need to be selected for this particular discount by Airbnb.

$55 Off Your First Trip on Airbnb

You can get a $55 discount on your first trip and rental. The way it's split is with a $40 discount on a home booking and you get to use $15 toward an experience worth $50 or more. An Airbnb coupon or promotion code is not needed for this great discount. Just click through and sign up!

$20-$95 Off Your Next Stay when you Refer a Friend to Airbnb

Get a $20-$95 off discount on your next stay when you Refer a Friend to Airbnb. First, send a friend $40 in Airbnb credit then you'll receive $20 when they travel or $75 when they host an Airbnb! No Airbnb promo code is required to receive this discount. Your available travel credit automatically appears on the checkout page in the form of a coupon