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Astoria, Queens NYC April 2020 - NabeWise

Astoria also has it’s fair share of bars, both hookah and the alcoholic version. The only problem I have with Astoria (Queens) is the way they label their streets. At times it gets really confusing when you’re trying to find 30th st and 44th Ave but instead you’re on 30th Ave and 44th St. All in all, it’s a good place to live.

Cedar Park Seattle May 2020 - NabeWise

Cedar Park is essentially the east side of Lake City and is an ethnically diverse nabe of low rent and scuzzy apartment buildings. The east side of the nabe, against Lake Washington, is quite a bit nicer than the west side and offers modest single-family homes with good views of the lake and the Cascades.

Yorkville NYC May 2020 - NabeWise

Though Yorkville often seems like such a lengthy schlep from the Lexington Avenue subway lines, it’s low real estate prices make the calorie-burning strut well worth your while. Yorkville encompasses the far eastern end of the Upper East Side (Eastern 60’s-80’s below Spanish Harlem) and derives its name from York Avenue, just east of 1st

Wakefield, The Bronx NYC May 2020 -

Infomation Bordering Westchester, Wakefield is the Bronx's most northern neighborhood. Quiet and calm, the nabe is served by the White Plains Road strip of shops. Adventurous shoppers are also just short ride away from the Yonkers-area Cross County Shopping mall. Wakefield is served by the 2 line (it's last stop!) and the Metro-North Harlem line. […]

West Side Rag » Thomas Drugs Fined For Alleged Price

By Carol Tannenhauser. Thomas Drugs, on Columbus Avenue between 67th and 68th Streets, was fined by the city’s Department of Consumer and Worker Protection for allegedly price gouging, the Daily News reported on Wednesday. Gueye Damm, who has managed the drugstore for 26 years, denied the allegations to WSR, though Thomas did have to lower some of its prices.

West Side Rag » As Fairway’s Business Slumps, ShopRite

I confess that I now do my day-to-day grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, because the prices are so far below anything else around. I only go to Fairway for specialty stuff, like nova or olives. So 20 years ago, virtually all my grocery money went to Fairway, now $15 goes to Fairway and $60 goes to Trader Joe’s.

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