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PedalPub is a company that provides specially-made pedal buses that come equipped with a bar for drinks, pedals under each seat so all passengers can provide locomotion, and a driver to steer the bus. Customers can take in the sights of Chicago, Illinois; St. Peterburg, Florida and Minneapolis, Minnesota and learn various facts about specific attractions, all while having a drink, socializing with other guests and getting a bike workout. Coupons, free offers, promotions, and discounts for PedalPub can sometimes be found across the internet or in local print publications.

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Author: Roger W Haworth
Operated by PedalPub
Address Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; Chicago, IL; St. Petersburg, FL
Phone number Minneapolis/St. Paul: 952-703-9000, Chicago: 773-265-9700, St. Petersburg: 727-581-3388[1][2][3]
Types of deals Discounted tour rates, partner deals
Typical savings $30 to 50 discounts on routes during the week
Author Michael Tenzer


PedalPub Coupons and Free Offers

  • PedalPub offers free transportation to the start of their tours for standard routes.[4]
  • PedalPub provides partner deals for customers, allowing them to save money at particular venues and attractions in the respective cities. For example, The Minneapolis PedalPub offers a 20% discount off of food orders from Tugg's Bar. Deals vary based on route and city location.[5]At the St. Petersburg, Florida PedalPub location, guests who book either the St. Petersburg Central Route or the Waterfront Route qualify to purchase any draft beer or glass of wine at Wood-Fired Pizza and receive a second for just $1. This offer is only valid on the day of the tour.[6]

PedalPub Discounts and Deals

  • During the week, tourists who book their St. Petersburg PedalPub tours save $50 on the regular tour price compared to the weekend prices.[4] Midweek tours at the Chicago PedalPub location are $30 cheaper than the weekend rates.[7] At the Minneapolis/St. Paul PedalPub location, guests who book the Shakopee tour during the week save $45 off the weekend rate and those who book other tour routes save $50 on weekend pricing.[8]
  • The Facebook and Twitter pages for PedalPub may occasionally provide discounts, deals and promotions for different routes and tours throughout each city. Each page specific to a corresponding city can also provide up-to-date information and news on PedalPub events.[9] [10]

Chicago Deals

Suggestions for how to find discounts and coupons for use in and around the Chicago area

About PedalPub

Providing a mobile bar and a chance to socialize amidst a tour around cities like Chicago, St. Petersburg and Minneapolis, PedalPub offers customers a close-up look at area attractions. Tours include standard routes that are arranged by the company, but tourists may also request custom tour routes in advance. PedalPub also caters to party groups and special event groups, allowing customers to rent out the entire bus with advance reservations.[4]

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