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Michigan's Adventure is an amusement and water park located in Muskegon, Michigan.A single 2012 general admission ticket is $28, so a visit to Michigan Adventure can be expensive for a family.[1] Michigan's Adventure discounts and deals help lower the cost of a day at the park. Guests may buy their entry ahead of time over the Internet, but there are no refunds available. The cost of general entry provides access to both the waterpark and the ride park.[1]

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Operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
Address 4750 Whitehall RD, Muskegon, Michigan 49445
Phone number 231-766-3377[2]
Types of deals Dollars off, group discounts
Typical savings 10%- 30%
Author Laura Acevedo


Michigan's Adventure Coupons and Free Offers

  • Children two and under can enter the park for free.[1]
  • The park's free e-mail newsletter provides park updates as well as coupons and discount offers. There is a signup link on the park's official website under the "Fun Times" link. The company claims that they do not share or sell e-mail addresses for customers' privacy.[3]

Michigan's Adventure Coupons

Michigan's Adventure Coupons

Michigan's Adventure Discounts and Deals

  • The cost of a season pass can be recovered in two visits, so frequent visitors will save money by purchasing one.
  • Guests who want to enjoy two days at Michigan's Adventure can save $8 by buying entry for both days at once with the 2-Day General Admission pass. The trips must be taken two days in a row.[1]
  • Groups of 25 or more receive a discount. There are two price levels for groups: any-day tickets cost $25 per guest, and date-specific group tickets cost $25. There are also options for catered events for groups of 50 or more, starting at $19 per guest not including the catering fees.[1]
  • Discounted Michigan's Adventure tickets can sometimes be purchased at Michigan Meijer stores, as well as Meijers in Angola, Michigan City, and South Bend, Indiana. The amount of the discount varies by store.[4]

Shivering Timbers Front Seat on-ride POV Michigan's Adventure

Shivering Timbers Front Seat on-ride POV Michigan's Adventure

About Michigan's Adventure

The Michigan's Adventure park is located between the cities of Whithall and Muskegon and is comprised of a more traditional amusement park with seven roller coasters as well as an outdoor water park, a miniature golf course and a go-kart feature.[5] The park also hosts the "Timberfest" and "Rock the Coast" festival every year.

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