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The Entertainment Coupon Book distributes more than 145 editions each year, each containing coupons and savings on attractions, dining, sporting events, museums, golf, shopping, groceries, and travel for select cities and regions. 2014 books start at $35, but discounts are available to reduce the price.

Entertainment Coupon Books include buy one-get-one-free offers, free items with purchase, specified dollar amounts off, and 20 percent off deals.[1] Entertainment Coupon Book deals and discounts can save consumers on overall dining and entertainment for an entire year.


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Operated by Entertainment Publications, LLC[2]
Address Maple Corporate Center, 1414 E Maple Road, Troy, MI 48083[2]
Phone number 888-231-SAVE[3]
Price $35 and up[1]
Types of deals Coupons inside the book, printable coupons
Typical savings BOGO, percentages off, dollars off
Author Allison Hughes


How to Save on the Entertainment Coupon Book

  • The price of the book is reduced by $5 when the purchaser provides a credit card number and agrees to auto-shipment of books each year. This option also guarantees free shipping of the books.
  • Entertainment Coupon Books are discounted in November, after the coupons become effective.
  • The second book in an order receives a $5 discount. Additional books included with the same order also receive a $5 per book discount.

Entertainment Coupon Book Coupons and Free Offers

Most coupons inside the Entertainment Coupon Book are good for BOGO offers, as well as up to $20 off select products and attractions, and percentage-off savings. Listed below are the types of savings consumers can expect to receive:[4]

Entertainment Coupon Book Discounts and Deals

  • Entertainment Publications, LLC runs a service called Entertainment Daily Deal that is free to join. Daily Deal sends out a new coupon for each region every day, with discounts sometimes reaching 70 percent off. Members will only get coupons specific to their location, which will be sent via e-mail. A portion of the profit from every deal bought will go to various charities.[10]
  • Entertainment Publications, LLC also offers Values® and Gold C® coupon books. These are less expensive than the original book, but do not have as many deals.[3]
  • Visitors can "Like" the Entertainment Coupon Book on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter, and get all the latest promotional information and news. Facebook fans, for example, will be able to access sweepstakes and other giveaways, and will get online shopping deals each week that non-fans do not have access to. The Entertainment Coupon Book also gives hints on how to save money via Facebook.[11]

Entertainment Book Companion App

Information about the Entertainment Book's companion app.

About the Entertainment Coupon Book

The first Entertainment Coupon Book was published in 1962, the brainchild of Hughes and Sheila Potiker of Detroit. The first book was for a single area. Today, there are more than 150 different markets that are served, including books for numerous U.S. cities as well as books for Canada and Puerto Rico locations.[3]

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